Top 10 African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

There’s no gain saying in the fact that Africa has the most beautiful women on the planet.
Africa women are so beautiful with flawless glowing skin and soothing smile.
I must say that this was a very tough task considering sieving through the list of so many beautiful African beauty.

Top 10 African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

10. Sudan: 
  In 2011 After civil war South Sudan broke away from Sudan, without trying to spite anyone, its like all the beautiful women stayed put in the north, with the fastest growing economy in the world, Sudan is cracking up the scene with both money and beautiful women. 
This women are perfect with the eyeballs of someone looking for pure Afican beauty.  Look for them in the cities of Khartoum, Omdurman and Port Sudan.

 This women have African and Arab ancestry, the women in the kingdom of Morocco are tantalizing with no nonsense.
If you can get in where you fit in, you’d want it with a very beautiful African princess with exotic features.
Try to look out for this women in the cities of Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakesh.

8. South Africa:
   If Africa was a country like USA, South Africa would be the Los Angeles of Africa. This country is very popular for tourism so for beautiful women, try out the cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Pretoria. The women are sexy, down to earth and cooperative 

7. Ghana:
Ghana was the first Sub-Saharan country to gain its independene in 1957.
The women of Ghana are just as stunning as the gold the country is known for and is luxuriously black as the oil coming out of the ground of Ghana.
Go to Accra and Kumasi to find some of the most beautiful women on the planet

6. Nigeria:
  located in West Africa, people started to settle in this region as far back as 1900BC. Today Nigeria is also one of the fastest growing society in the world.
The women here look as if they have been. Beautiful faces and body are the norms here.
Go to Lagos, Kano and Ibadan to catch a glimpse of this sexy women.

5. Angola:
Angola is and has always been one of the world’s biggest producer of oil, bananas and coffee but as but as far as the women go, we know that most of the most beautiful women in Brazil have their ancestral lineage linking directly to angola.Head straight to the cities of Lobito Luanda, Huambo and Malanje to get the raw original version of Brazilian beautiful women.
4. Somalia:
   Located on what is called the horn of Africa, Somalians have been around since the pre Olympic period. This women are gorgeous in a way that affects your soul.Travelling might pose a risk because of the ongoing unrest in the country.
  After the building of the Suez Canal in 1869, Eritrea was constantly bombarded with invaders from Europe.Afterward they fought a thirty years independence war from Ethiopia to finally get their own independence in 1993. Eritrea women have the most beautiful skins and tattoos.

2. Cape-Verde:
  This small country has suffered horrible food shortage so the best way to meet the women from this country is actually in other countries they speak usually speak creole and the are the skin tone of every race in the world mixed. They are possibly the most breath taking women on the face of the earth.

1. Ethiopia:
Most scientist ans scholars believe Ethiopia is were human live began.
The women can be traced back to 400,000 years if Angola women are the original Brazilian, Ethiopian women are the original women period.
When you meet an Ethiopian you can just tell that they are the most beautiful without even opening their mouth.
Men are naturally drawn to them the same way water is drawn to land.
They are so familiar but at the same time so far. They’d probably look like what all women would have looking like if there was no conquering, occupying and human destruction from people who couldn’t just leave the rest of the world alone.
Go to the city of Addis Ababa and you would meet the most beautiful women in Africa.

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