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We all spend most of our times on our smart phones to know the latest and enjoy the vibes. What if I told you it was possible to get paid for using your own smartphone to get the latest news and updates. Its time to get paid for being updated on the latest that's why I want to introduce you to  NEWSPAY.

            As the name sounds, you get paid for reading news(sports, music, politics,  world, entertainment, fashion etc) , commenting and sharing on social media. When you refer others with your link, you are paid extra #1000 so in getting just 5 people to join you, 5k straight. #100 when you share on social media, #50 daily login bonus, #100 when you submit news to newpspay.In a month #75,000 is possible.

         Guess what, you get paid on a weekly bases based on your efforts so it all depends on you.You earn more if you spend more time on newspay.  Imagine getting nothing less that #20,000 weekly dope right? See the bigger picture of a month. Now stop imagining, its very possible with newspay.    I'm earning from this and would like you to join me.  In about 2hrs I make more than #3000,so join me, register with the sum of just #1600  with this affiliate link : and affiliate username : sly.... Start making money on a weekly bases.  Thanks to NEWSPAY for this opportunity.

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